Building a Multiracial Democracy

Way to Rise is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) philanthropic strategy center and fund working toward multiracial democracy, especially where it is most undermined—in the South and Southwest.

Historically, the South and Southwest have been overlooked for long-term power building funding— as most democracy efforts focus on electoral timelines. But democracy undermined anywhere is democracy undermined everywhere. We know to build lasting multiracial engagement, in places as overlooked as North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, and Texas will take scaled resources and smart funding strategies. Way to Rise is the only intermediary in the democracy ecosystem that builds funding strategies that deliver change with the urgency that American multiracial democracy demands.

As intermediaries, our role is to fund organizations as well as develop and execute funding strategies that help organizations create breakthroughs to powerbuilding. Our relationships to donors and organizers along with our track record of power building and changemaking set us apart in the democracy landscape. Since 2018, we have co-created successful community-centered campaigns to protect and enhance democracy. These years of experience, added to our founders’ and team’s leadership and track record in movement spaces, have allowed us to create a powerbuilding framework to guide our funding.

This is how we rise—making certain that local voices are heard, represented and allowed room to be expansive with their experiments in organizing at scale, via leadership development, innovations in data, and narrative change.


2023 was a groundbreaking year for Way to Rise. Learn more about our work—and what our plans are for 2024 to build a vibrant, inclusive multiracial democracy where we can ALL thrive. Way to Rise doesn’t back down from a tough fight—that’s why we focus our work on where democracy is most undermined—in the South and Southwest.


Investing in Leadership, Data, & Narrative Change

Led by all women of color, the Way to Rise strategy sets out to strengthen multiracial democracy by funding in three main areas:


We fund leaders poised to try new tactics and strategies to achieve their goals, which often require capital to experiment and take risks. If we are to tackle the existential crises of our times, like climate change or the threat to our freedom to vote, local leaders need room to experiment.


We support our charitable partners by providing them with access to helpful data, such as voter file information and analysis, as well as data-centered events and training opportunities. Visionary and disciplined Leaders need good data to create, execute and evaluate their strategies.


We cannot become a multiracial democracy, if we cannot see a multiracial democracy. We fund research, content, content distribution hubs, and state based-organizations experimenting with creating and distributing content that makes multiracial democracy irresistible and beneficial to all. We also know that owning the modes of communication is as important as what messages we share, we fund the purchase of media properties to enhance scaled distribution.



Some examples of Way to Rise partners leading in new and innovative ways include Arizona Democracy Resource Center and Texas Civil Rights Project, which are protecting the right to vote through strategies tailored to their focus communities and situations; as well as Way to Rise partners Organizing Resilience and Alliance for Youth Organizing, which are leading the way on issues like equitable responses to the climate crisis, and empowering youth voices to take on issues like student debt.


An example of this work includes our “Pathways to Power'' and Data Cohort projects, which Way to Rise partners participated in in 2021 and 2023. These programs are specifically geared towards sharing the most up-to-date information, research, data, and learnings to our partner organizations to help improve the way we organize, as well as create standardized recommendations and metrics for organizations across the country to use.


One element of this work includes the Narrative Coordinator program in partnership with We Make the Future, which hires and supports individuals in key states to build a working narrative ecosystem that strengthens our ability to engage diverse communities in democracy.


Way to Rise is proud to be a women led philanthropic effort. Way to Rise Co-Founder and President, Tory Gavito, is a Latina Texan, whose career focus is powerbuilding among communities of color. Way to Rise’s Executive Director, Eboni Speight, is a Black woman, deeply rooted in Maryland, who dedicates her career to empowering the Black community to thrive. Emily Timm is a community organizer committed to fighting for economic and racial justice in Texas and the U.S. South, and is Way to Rise’s Deputy Executive Director. Our feminist and multiracial leadership extends to our team—reflecting the communities we support at the local level.

Tory Gavito
Tory Gavito
Eboni Speight
Eboni Speight
Emily Timm
Emily Timm


Join us and be a part of a shared strategy to transform our country.

The world changes when people, ideas and money get organized. Join us in the opportunity to align your giving as part of a collective strategy for maximum impact. By investing in new leaders across the South and Southwest, alongside quality research and narrative strategies, we can build up a true multiracial democracy that protects our most vulnerable communities.

To learn more about Way to Rise, please reach out to [email protected].

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Formerly housed at Amalgamated Foundation, Way to Rise received 501(c)(3) public charity IRS designation on September 30, 2022. Employer lD number: 88-3300694. Accordingly, Way to Rise has new giving information, which can be received upon request by emailing [email protected].

This document has been created for the benefit of members of the Way To Win donor community and for informational purposes only. The Way to Rise summary document provides up to date information on 501(c)(3) programs furthering Way to Rise's charitable and educational mission in various states.